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Caring for an aging parent, grand-parent in-law or loved one does not come with a job description, choose one of our Action Plans to help guide you through it.

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There are so many valuable Caregiver and Care Manager resources available, but who has time to look for them.   

Don't worry, we are here doing the work for you.

Spotlighting New Caregiver Solutions


Shower Safely

Find yourself responsible for helping your loved one with their showers.  Scared?  Should be.   Here's how the Shower Bay keeps both you and your loved one safe!

Watch the video and return to us for your Exclusive Offer.

Medication Management

Getting prescriptions filled for an elderly loved one is difficult these days.   Take a task off your plate by using Simple Meds to do the work for you.   All Online!

Delivers directly to your loved ones door!   Prepackaged per Day!

Here's how simple it is.

Maintaining Social Connections

An easy to use Communication and Activities Center.   No button to push on the screen, seniors will have easy and instant access to appointments, reminders and more. 

Here is how it works.



$50 discount


The Journey


When is the right time to get serious about planning for your loved one's future care?    That is going to depend on where you are in life - not them! 

Map your location on the Journey now!

Explore Caregiver topics at anytime along the journey with your Aging Parent or Loved One.

Understand the impact of becoming a Caregiver will have on your life. 

The Formula for Success is knowing how to Mix & Match the right services, people,products and technologies. 

Are you assuming that your parents have put everything in place for their future.

Don't make the wrong assumption.

Estate Planning 101 - Get a basic understanding.  Don't assume!

"It is all yours, Love Dad."

Choose one of our Best Practices Plans:

The Home Coming Plan, Understanding "Elderhood", The Formula for Success.

We found these products that helped us on our Journey.

Our Services

We make finding information easier!

We've done all the research for you so that you will have the help you need

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In addition, we've created a few Best Practices Plans to get you through some of the rough patches.

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As a member of our website, you will have All Access to our Best Practices Plans, support tools, resources, experts, newsletters, the Forum and more.   Our goal is to provide you with the support that we wish we had while going through this.

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Here's where to find more about Us and the inspiration behind The MarketPlace.


Partnering with Us

We are always looking to add new products and services that align with our Mission to help Caregivers become comfortable and more successful in this role. 

Would you like to learn more about becoming part of The MarketPlace?

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Become Empowered- Not Overpowered!

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Transportation Solutions

Aging In Place vs. Recovering in Place

Technology Solutions


When the Journey is Ending

 In addition to exclusive Members Only Areas, you will have full access to all of our Action Plans  for FREE - Home Coming, Elderhood Planning & "Formula For Success"

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Action Plans Available For Purchase (Coming Soon)

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Home Coming Plan

Step by Step Guide on:

Preparing yourself and your home

Designing a Home Coming Team!

Basic Home Safety Tips.

Having the "talk" with your spouse/life partner, employer.

Design a custom "Care Plan"!

Key Documents and Organization.


Access to our Members Forum to connect with experts & Caregivers

90 Day FREE Membership

"Elderhood" Planning

How to have the "talk" with your parent or loved one.

Step by step on how to get ready and becoming organized.

Information Gathering Steps.

Access to our Members Forum - Q&A 

Access to our Members Forum to connect with experts & Caregivers

90 Day FREE Membership

Formula For Success

Become empowered - Not Overpowered!

Learn how to mix and match services.

Learn how to pick solutions that address the unique challenges.

Access to our Members Forum to connect with experts & other Caregivers.


90 Day FREE Membership

Communication Management Solutions

An easy to use Communication and Activities Center.   No button to push on the screen, seniors will have easy and instant access to appointments, receive video calls, access messages, memories and more.

Facebook expands on its familiarity with its Portal to connect families, to control your smart home, check who’s at the front door, listen to your favorite music, watch the news and more. 

Available online or at Best Buy.


GrandPad keeps Mom and Dad connected the same way you do, even if they’ve had little or no experience with smartphones, computers, or tablets.

Medication Management Solutions

Simple Meds.JPG

Online Pharmacy that fulfills, tracks and coordinates with your doctors to ensure you’re never out of medication.


Your medication, made easy

No more sorting meds, waiting in line, or chasing down refills.


 Helping patients manage their health better by closing the gap on medication risks and empowering them and their Care Managers.

Meet Experts who are Just like you





Products, Services & Support Solutions

Wearable Emergency Assistance, Medication reminders, Fall-detection, Discreet and Stylish. 

Affordable Online Planning Solutions


An APP that helps create shareable digital documents as well as a means to organize those end of life documents.  

Professional Consultants


Care consultant

huron valley care 1.JPG

Consulting services during life's transitions.

expert advice

Experts in how to keep your aging parent safe, entertained, and prepared for the future?   

Care Logistics & senior Living


Free Consultation.

geriatric care management

Gary Kozick Eldercare Solutions, LLC
Helping families make informed decisions, conducts planning, coordinates, monitors care & more.  
Specializing in Alzheimer's disease and end-stage dementia care.
Serving Philadelphia Region and Surrounding areas.
gary kozick.JPG

Other Professional Services

bristol memory care.JPG

BristolHouse Memory Care is a "Small House" Alzheimer's and dementia living community.   One size does not fit all.  When resort style living is the wrong size - we are the right fit for your loved one.  Located in Bucks County, PA.


Home Helpers In-Home Care Services is your extended family when family can’t be there. We’re a locally owned, trusted provider of quality, compassionate in-home care, and we customize our home care solutions to your unique situation for an affordable solution that keeps your loved one where they’re happiest: at home.

HighPoint Law Office

 Estate Planning practice  serving and supporting small businesses, veterans, those with special needs, clients who are planning their estates for the future, and clients who are responding to an Elder Care crisis situation.

Let us fix your mess!

Product & Service Reviews 


Ours are different!  My sister and I are real.  Our experiences are real and we share them with you so you will not feel unsupported as we did.   

Making A Connection



Taking Care of Grandmom.JPG

Rachel is a 30-something millennial who has been caring for her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, since 2015.

Blogger, Podcast


The Working Daughter.JPG

Liz O’Donnell is the Working Daughter - a longtime marketing executive who turned her attention to helping working daughters balance eldercare and career.   

Author, Speaker, Podcast, Blogger



Susanne White is the Caregiver Warrior here to help you survive the Caregiving Journey with Grace and Empowerment.   

Author,  Speaker, Podcast, Blogger

The Healthy Care Giver Podcast.JPG

Happy Healthy Caregiver is here to help family caregivers who feel isolated and overwhelmed by all their responsibilities.  

Speaker, Podcast, Consultant

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Aging Parents Management, LLC

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