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My sister and I were just like you -found ourselves unprepared, lost and alone in this role as the Caregiver/Manager for our parents.   Information is out there, but we did not have the time to hunt for it, nor did we know what we were looking for.    ​We believed that it should not have to be this way!   Therefore, we took this as an opportunity to create this website for people just like us that brings support, resources, tools, and real solutions all-in-one-place!  

Welcome to Aging Parents MarketPlace.

Who are we?  We are the daughters, sons, nieces/nephews, sons/daughters in-law and grandchildren who are or will be the caregivers for our loved ones.   It is important to better understand these future responsibilities, to become better prepared and to know where to find help to overcome unique challenges while in this role.   It does not come with a job description but Aging Parents MarketPlace is right here-right now to help you through it.  

Everyone's journey will be different.  Everyone's situation is different.   Most of the time, we find ourselves in this Caregiver role very quickly and unexpectedly, but don't worry - we are here to help.  The key to success is knowing where to look for information when you need it and to have the right tools and support services readily available.  As a Member of our website or when you purchase one of our Action Plans, you'll have convenient access to all of this.   


Aging Parents MarketPlace offers Caregiver and Care Manager support to you - right here, right now.   You are not alone!


My sister will never forget that day when we rushed Mom to the emergency room.   The entire time we were sitting in the ER, we kept thinking this is just a side effect from her new medication.   When the ER doctor eventually returned, he delivered news that changed our world forever.   "Your mother has Leukemia."  Until that day, Mom was an active grandmother enjoying life with her two grandchildren.    We always knew the day would come that our parents health situation would change, but we never expected this.   

Our lives became a roller coaster ride of: doctors visits, chemo treatments, dealing with insurance companies and medicare.  Meanwhile at home alone during all of this was our elderly dad, their household; in addition, to our own homes, children, husbands, full-time jobs, etc.   

Our mother struggle with cancer only lasted six months when she passed away in August of 2010, but the journey for my sister and I kept going.  My mother-in-law passed  away 90 days later.   Now we had two Dads living on their own.   Then a year later our 83 year old Dad suffered a stroke that affected his vision.   A year later, our 72 year old Uncle passed away and left us with the responsibilities of dealing with his estate.     We went through the process of relocating two Dads, a total of three deaths, clearing out and the selling of three homes in one year, and many difficult family conversations  all the while, my sister and I were trying to live our own lives - husbands, children, and jobs and lives.  


Nine years of our lives were lost in this process -there was  no time for grief, "me time", date nights, "girls night" because we didn't know that we were entitled to any of this.   We were wrong and uninformed.   Our friends didn't understand.   We didn't know where to turn.  We wondered why we felt like this and why were we were so unprepared for all of it?    It has been quite a long and lonely journey for the two of us but we gained a lifetimes worth of experience that we want to now share with others. 

We are never ready for this stage in our parents' lives but we are able to become better aware and prepared for it all.   The inspiration behind this website is the belief that our experiences and the experiences of others who doing similar work could help others just like us - adult children, millennials, nieces, nephews, in-laws who are the Caregiver for an aging loved one.    This Caregiver website is different.    My sister and I are real and so are the others who doing the same work as we are - offering services derived from personal experiences in order to make your life as a Caregiver better than the one we had.    It is our mission to make finding these solutions and services from real Caregivers just like you easier and convenient by delivering them to you in one centralized location!    Welcome to Aging Parents Marketplace.  

Anastasia Blaszczyk, owner of Aging Parents Management, transformed her experiences and challenges as an adult daughter of aging parents into an opportunity to help others just like here and her sister who are on the journey with their aging parent or loved one.     

Before setting course on this venture, she maintained positions as the Director of Marketing and Operations in several industries:  multi-family housing, student housing, construction and technology.   Her passion and creative style are reflected in all of her marketing creations, web designs and social media campaigns.  It was that passion, the loss of her mother, the challenges with an aging Father that helped to bring  Aging Parents Management to fruition.

Anastasia balances life's challenges with the support of her husband Dennis.  Family is very important to  her.  She loved spending time with her 93 year old Dad before he passed way in March of 2019.  In addition, she is a doting aunt who actively supports her niece and nephew at every life event.   In her downtime, she enjoys sewing and baking which helps keep her parent's memory close to her.  

Even after loosing their Dad in March of 2019, "The Sisters'" mission and message lives on.  There is a lack of awareness and a gap in the information available about the Eldercare industry.  With their unique style, they are delivering information, solutions and resources in a caring and personal manner in order to help others just like her and her Sister.   We are the Adult Children on the Journey with our Aging Parents.    

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