Fees and more
Why am I paying a fee for the information on this website?
We are a service that delivers information and resources.  There are costs in maintaining this website and for us to make it readily available to all of you.  The fees go towards the costs for our time in accumulating and presenting the information, web hosting and maintenance, and making it found on the various search engines.    To be able to do all of this work for you and to continue bringing fresh information and resources to the website, this has become our full time jobs and how we support our families.
What do the heart          symbols represent?   
The heart symbol represents a product or service represents ith  which we had personal experience.    It was important to us to bring special attention to them to the visitors on the Marketplace.    These products and services helped us tremendously while we were caring for our loved one and we endorse them wholeheartedly.  
Why not become a Non Profit?
We do not want to become a Non Profit for several reasons.   First, there are high start up and legal costs and it is an expensive business model to maintain.    Second, we want to be free to make our own decisions on what information, resources and businesses are represented on our website and not be influenced by donor funding.
Is this information available on other websites? 
Yes it is but good luck finding it.    This is the core of out website.  Information is out there but not easily found.   You will need to spend time looking for it, googling it and time is something that is not on your side.  This is the service we provide.   We bring information that we have found over the years while on our journey as Caregivers to you in one convenient location.   The fees we charge are to cover the convenience of having all of the information you need when you need it and for us to do all of this work for you.
What other ways are you compensated?   
We participate in the Amazon Affiliate program.    We will highlight products that we used or ones that may help address some of the challenges Caregivers or Care Managers have while in this role.     We also charge a marketing fee to the businesses who have been invited to be represented on our website.   In addition, some of products or services we endorse pay us a referral fee when you eventually do business with them.     All of this is what helps our website maintain a strong presence on search engines and makes this website possible.
Can any business or company advertise with this website? 
No!   The products and services represented on our website are ones that we have had a personal experience using.   They are the ones listed on the Marketplace with the heart insignia.   We also post products or service that we found through our research to have possible value to those who are in the Caregiver/Care Manager role.  We are contacted regularly by companies who would like to have presence on our Marketplace.    This website is very personal to us, therefore any business to be considered must go through a vetting process and be able to demonstrate a clear connection to our mission. 
Does every business pay you to be on this website?   
As much as we would like to receive compensation for the exposure we are bringing to these companies, most of them do not know who we are right now - especially the bigger corporations.   In time, we hope that they will notice that the traffic and interest in their product or service is coming from the relationship you have with us.    So when you do contact them, be sure to let them know you learned about them here on the AgingParentsMarketplace.com.     

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