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Why We Love ShowerBay

We were so happy that we found this shower solution for Dad.   Thank you Shower Bay.
Affordable option to have a shower placed easily in any space in your parent's home. 
No home remodeling - comes as a kit, snap it together, hook it up to a powder room sink.  That's it!       
Protected Dad's modesty.  The side walls are tall enough to contain the water and ensure privacy, but low enough so that his home aide could assist him.
Overcame Dad's fear of falling so he no longer avoided taking showers.
Small footprint.  You hardly notice it.   Coil up the hoses and put a big chair in front of it after showering. 
Temporary shower solution.  Dad passed away only 9 months after we got it.     
It was designed by a Caregiver, just like us and it is made in the USA.
There is no other product like this.   We feel that Shower Bay by Forward Day will be the right solution for you too.   Exclusive to Aging Parents Marketplace, Shower Bay is offering you a $50.00 Voucher off of your purchase today.

No Costly Home Remodeling!

Designed with keeping the safety of the Caregiver in mind, too!

How about a few more reasons?

  • Aging In Place:   Families seeking to avoid the high cost of assisted living facilities and keep their loved ones at home.

  • Temporary Living Situation:  Families that have a loved one with mobility limitations temporarily stay at their home.

  • Renters:   Those who are not permitted to modify or remodel their apartment or rental home.

  • Residential Moves:   Individuals who plan on changing their residency will benefit from the one-time-investment and portability.  

  • First Floor Living Restrictions:  Homes with only a half-bath on the first floor.


  • Injury Rehab Patients:   Individuals with the need for mobile bathing solutions during the rehab process.


Specifications & Purchase Details

Lightweight ramp allows for a safe and smooth transition into the shower with a shower wheelchair.   Both the bather and caregiver will be able to overcome some of the the fears and become more comfortable with showering and wet-transfers.



Shower wheelchair which is NOT included with the purchase of the Shower Bay Unit.    



The Shower Bay Unit was designed to snap together easily in less than an hour.   It will arrive in several large lightweight boxes that will have to be unpacked and then moved into place in the home. 

Available for purchase at ShowerBay.com


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