Medication Management Solutions for the New Caregiver-"Empowered Caregiver Series #1"

Today, #NewCaregivers are waking up with a another new challenge - mandatory stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. The other day it was challenges related to the Home Care Agency not being able to provide care for your parent, the day after that was trying to get them groceries, and today its how do I get my parent their medication? Yes, we are permitted to do life-sustaining trips to the pharmacy but do you really have to? The answer is -No you don't!

Let us tell you about Simple Meds. Simple Meds dispenses prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins in simple, multi-dose packets, sorted and organized into serving packets, labeled with the date and time they should be taken and it is all shipped to your home.

Can it be any SIMPLER? Click on this image to watch a YouTube Video on how it all works.

Prescriptions are filled once a month. They will automatically ship them out when the time is right, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to do it yourself. If there is a problem, they will take an extra level of care by coordinating with you, your loved one's doctors and their insurance company to make sure everything is accurate.

Simple Meds simplifies the process of organizing and taking medication, saving you time and hassle. By the way, it gets medication management out of the dark ages - no more pill box.

There are other medication delivery services out there, but there was just something about this business that is located in small town America, owned and operated by people like you and me, that made it stand out for us.

By using the solutions that we offer at, we will help you get through this new responsibility as #TheCaregiver one day at a time. We are going to show you how using different products and services can make life a little easier during these difficult times.

Let me show you what we mean about what we are doing for you.

Now that you are considering signing your parent up for Simple Meds service, how about adding another solution that will help your loved one with reminders to take their medication AND a way for you to check in on the during the day to make sure that they did.

The SociAvi Communicator is a device like no other. Not all seniors understand technology. You worry when they don't answer the phone. You may feel uncomfortable about putting in webcams. This device is an amazing alternative.

It is a two way calling system. To make a call, just push a button. The system will be able to call up to 8 family members - all who would have the Ap on their phone. Take it another level by adding your parents home care agency, so they can also check in on your parent. How cool is that! (There is a one time purchase and a monthly subscription for maintaining updates to the App and the communicator.)

From the Ap on your phone, you will be able to set up reminders for tasks directly onto the SociAvi Communicator. It has some fun features too. Use the App to upload pictures and video of what you and the kids are doing at your home directly onto their SociAvi Communicator.

To call your loved one, use your Ap. On their end, the SociAvi Communicator will ring and then automatically for an instant connection. How easy is that!

So now you have a working care plan that has helped you become more empowered as a #NewCaregiver. You have taken care of the challenge of getting medication to your loved one on a regular basis by using Simple Meds and now you have a way of reminding them and checking in on them by using the SociAvi Communicator.

This is how we are helping today's and future #Cargivers. We are showing them ways of becoming Empowered - Not Overpowered in this role of #TheCaregiver. My sister and I were in your shoes and struggled with it all. We we had to fight our way through it until we found the formula of success by combining products and services to design a custom care plan that fit our needs. Welcome to the AgingParentMarketplace.







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