Aging vs. Recovering-In-Place

The goal of is to bring information and resources to you in one place in order to help you become better prepared for the future care of your elderly parent. We offer various support plans to help you through the different stages of this journey plus an opportunity to become a member with access to so much more. When the situation with our Dad's health turned for the worse, my sister and I were not ready for any of it. This life right? But you do not have to go through this feeling lost and alone!

Most of us find ourselves in the role of the Care Managers or Caregivers unexpectedly as a result of a change in a parent's health situation. According to statistics by the Area on Aging of Bucks County, "patients are typically discharged from hospitals/rehab and return home to an untrained caregivers and an unprepared home environment." This is exactly what happened to my sister and I when our Dad was released from Rehab following a stroke. We were not prepared to deal with his recovery nor did we have a long term plan. We believe that it should not have to be this way which is why we designed affordable online service plans to help you through it. But if you need more help or cannot do it alone, visit our Marketplace to find the right help you need right now!

Let's get a better understanding of what these chain of events are: ​

  • "Recovering-In-Place" describes a short term period of time when a person returns home from an extended hospital stay due to illness or injury to continue their recovery process. This would include returning to their home or to yours temporarily or permanently. Insurance companies typically cover hospital or rehab stay for only a certain period of time. The expectation is for the person to finish recovering at home. parent. ​

  • "Aging In Place" is a term used to describe a person remaining in their residence as they age for as long as they are able to do so, as long as they are able to receive regular medical or health services and support until their health situation changes. Today, our parents are determined in staying in their homes and foregoing the comforts, conveniences and services offered by a Living Care Center. Your parent or loved one has made their decision and now YOU have to live with it.

Now what do I do? Let the journey begin.

One of the services plans we offer here at is the "Home Coming Plan". With this plan, we offer support channels, resources, tools and more so that you are not going through this alone. It includes downloadable lists to help you prepare, access our Forums to connect with experts and others like you going through the same thing with their loved one like you. We will cover affects of being a Caregiver on your career and the relationship with your spouse or life partner. The most valuable piece of information is our Formula for Success which will show you how to mix-and-match products and services to help address the concerns and needs when a loved one returns home after a hospital stay or rehab. To purchase this plan or become a member of our website, visit our Plans & Pricing Page.


When the day came for our Dad to return home after rehab, we scrambled. We kept asking ourselves why so we decided to do something about it so you won't have to. Aging Parents Management is here to help make this process a little smoother by offering some of our suggestions and don't forget to check out our "Home Coming Plan".

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