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Today, everyone is scrambling in reaction to the Coronavirus. Home Care Agencies are facing a shortage of aides, everyone is worried about social contact but it does not change the fact that you have an elderly parent who requires care. You are now facing being the Caregiver for the first time. Now what to do?

While everyone else is out buying up toilet paper and supplies, you have to figure out how do I step in as the Caregiver of my elderly loved one. The aide use to help them with their showers, how do I do that? I cannot be with them 24/7 to keep an eye on them, how do I do that and work from home? The aide use to help with meals, the store shelves are bare - how do I get them stocked up?

We are going to offer some solutions to help address some of the concerns Caregivers are having. No one knows how long this situation with the Coronavirus is going to last, so roll up your sleeves and lets get prep'ing!

Showering Solution!

Does the thought of helping your loved one shower scare you? You should be, but don't be. This Portable Shower Unit by Shower Bay is the best solution available to help keep you and your loved one safe! No wet transfers! It takes away those fears of falling! It helps to protect the modesty of your loved one. It takes away that awkwardness of you seeing your parent undressed.

This is a product that we used with our Dad and we loved it!

This affordable shower unit that you are able to install in any space of the home and connects to a powder room sink. Shower Bay is offering a $50 Discount off the price to OUR clients. Here is where you can learn more about this amazing product and obtain your voucher. https://www.agingparentsmanagement.com/portable-shower

Staying Connected With your Loved One

Now more than ever, we are relying on technology to help us stay connected to each other while maintaining social distancing. The challenge as the Caregiver right now is keeping your distance in order to keep your elderly loved one safe and stay connected with them at the same time. For us who grew up using technology, this is easy but what about those Seniors who don't even have a computer.

To keep an eye on a loved one, many automatically think of using Webcams in their loved one's home. Many have mixed feelings about using them because it violates their privacy and your loved one would never go for this either even if you told them.

But what if we told you that there is a better solution! One that not only allows you to connect with your loved one to keep an eye on them, they can connect with you just as easily. It will help them with reminders when you are not around. It will also open up channels to other family members who can look in on them during these difficult time. Plus it is easy to get and to set up. Drum roll please....

The SOCIAVI Communicator was designed to do all of this. Easy for your elderly loved one to use. Large screen. Just hit a bit button for them to call you. This is a product that we've use with my father-in-law and we loved it.

It is even easier for you to call them - IT ANSWERS AUTOMATICALLY! This device even has a daily schedule with alarms to help remind your loved one to do certain tasks. For the Caregiver and the family members, you call in using an App. In addition to the purchase of the device, there is minimal monthly fee that covers any updates to the device and the Ap. Contact Kat and Paula today https://sociavi.com/. kverdi@sociavi.com. Tell them Anastasia sent you!

Stay tuned for our next Blog. We will have other products just like these to share with you soon. Coming Soon. The NEW www.AgingParentsMarketplace.com! #caregiver #showerbay

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