The day will come your parent can no longer live in their home. You will attempt to try and find ways that to keep them there. You will explore: home renovation, remodeling or adding an addition. You may even consider in Home Care. Eventually, as your parents' health situation changes, these options become less and less possible. You will come to the realization that the time has come to sell their home. You will conclude that using your parents money towards home improvements just does not make financial sense. In addition, time is not going to be on your side. Home improvements do take time, but your parent needs a place to live right now. This website offers helpful Home Solutions. The next step in this process will be to have a hard conversation with your parents about selling the home they love that is no longer a safe place for them to live. (Read about our journey in our Blog titled Home or Prison?


Having the conversation about your parent moving will be difficult. The first step is finding the right type of Living Care Centers: senior communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, etc. To learn more about each one, click here. The next step, if there is time, will be to visit the different Living Care Centers in your area with your parent. For this to go more smoothly, make your parents part of the selection process. Let them see that there are options. Let them see that selling their home does not mean they will loose their independence and comfort. To the contrary, living facilities can enhance it by providing them with the companionship and services they require. Finding the right words to convince them to take these steps will be difficult, but the more you involve them in the this process of finding a new home, the more they will be open to it.

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