The Issues are Real. We are real.

I had mixed feelings about writing this blog but since the premise of our website is “The Issues are real. My sister and I are real” we felt that it was important to keep sharing our experience while on the journey with our aging Dad.

I write this blog sitting beside with my 92 year old Dad in ICU. Until now, Dad was living the Grand-father’s Dream at my sister’s home, with his son-in-law, their two children and two grand-dogs. He had his routine –got up, got dressed, came to breakfast then spent the rest of the day with his two buddies Leo and Oskar. Then I got THAT call from my brother-in-law - Dad collapsed and is on his way to the hospital.

That was five days ago. The doctors and medical books are telling us that Dad will not be coming home but our Dad is a fighter. If our Dad wins this one and is able to come home, my sister and I have already planned for this scenario - no matter in what state he is in.

We have done all of it – Having the “talk”, preparing the healthcare directive and power of attorney, but it isn’t making this process any easier. Love gets in the way sometimes of following through on your loved ones documented wishes. This is not easy for my sister and I, but as we look back we feel that we have done everything possible to prepare for this moment in time. Our journey with our Dad is not over yet. We hope that this Blog will encourage those of you who still doubt the reality of this journey and the benefits of becoming better prepared for it.

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