It was a very emotional decision for us to sell our parents home. We thought we had a few more years before my sister and I would have to do this. However it became a priority when Dad suffered a stroke almost two years to the day after Mom passed away.

It was a great house. We lived in it for almost 40 years. It was built back in the 50s. Our parents took good care of it but it was never renovated. It still had the original kitchen, bathrooms and layout. It was a nice house with a great yard in an ideal location and school district. It needed some TLC but we were hopefully that it would sell. So the next step was finding a realtor to help us do it.

Finding the right realtor to sell a home depends on the condition of the home. I interviewed three realtors from big name Real Estate agencies. I was told by all three that in order for us to sell it, it would need about $100K in repairs and renovations; otherwise, they would list it for less than $220K. At first I was offended to think a home in Bucks County would be listed this low. Secondly, my father could not afford the repairs. If he could, he would have done years ago while they were still living in it. So now what do I do?

I turned to a friend who recommended a forth real estate agent; Jerry Hill with Home Star Realty. I showed him around the house and the yard. After our tour, we sat at the dining room table and started reviewing the comps. I held my breath the entire time waiting to hear what he had to say. "Its a great house, good bone structure, beautiful yard and in a great location. We can list it at $280; but you will need to do some work." He laid out a plan that was reasonable for us and gave me a deadline of April 1st.

The reason I wanted to share this story with you is because you may find yourself in a similar situation. Finding a realtor to sell a newer home or recently renovated one is easy. However, most parents have lived in their homes for years so you may find yourself in the same boat. Every realtor has an area of expertise. Take the time to interview as many of them as you need to until you find the one who can represent your property the best.


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