The Road Warrior

Road warrior is the best way to describe the task of taking a disabled parent to an appointment. Its like preparing for battle - requires strategic planning, arming the combat vehicle, assembling and discharging the troops. Taking a disabled parent on an appointment is one of the most stressful and challenging task for a caregiver.

It starts with a strategic planning sessions with the troops - the kids, my husband, the doctors, the Home Care Aid to make sure that the appointment does't conflict with anything else going on in the household.

Preparing the Combat Vehicle is next on the list. We bought a lightweight transport from 1-800 Wheel Chair that we keep in the trunk of the car. We made that mistake once before when I took dad to an appointment and in the parking lot he said he couldn’t handle the walk to the office door! We left him standing there and ran into the doctor’s office looking for wheel chair. Slight battle wounds from that day but all is good since we have our own transport chair.

Marching onward!

Pull over, "man down" as we’re driving to or from the appointment and then Dad says he’s nauseous and needs to throw up! We have to pull over look for anything in the back seat he can use. Since Dad lost his vision from a stroke years ago, he is unable to focus which causes him to become car sick. Now we travel with extra bags in the car- a new item for the combat vehicle.

After a few times of doing this, we had to reexamine our battle plans. There is so much at stake when you are transporting someone who has physical limitations. The safety of your parent is in your hands hence this whole process is extremely stressful. We had to come up with a better plan of attack for this task.

New plan, time to retreat when we got desperate! At some point in time, you have to evaluate the situation and come up with a better plan. So that is what we did. We contacted Dad's physicians about some options. They understood and were able to accommodate by providing blood test results over the phone and offering to do home visits for his annual check ups. Thank goodness!

Just as there is no job description in the role of the Caregiver, there are no rules and no shame either. You have to ask, beg and do what ever it takes in order to accomplished all of your responsibilities. Even if you are able find a solution that makes your job - that battle a little easier, consider it a victory. Its not easy but you don't have to do this alone like we did.

My sister and I have been through most of it. Our Dad was legally blind, could barely walk even with a cane and had trouble getting in and out of the car, so this was our experience every time my sister had to take him somewhere. My sister and I kept asking why is this so difficult. We new we needed help but we had no idea were to look or the time to look for it. We felt so lost and alone in this process as our Dad's caregivers. This was the inspiration for It was the belief that our experiences and the experiences of others could help individuals just like us - adult children, millennials, nieces, nephews, in-laws who are the Caregivers for an aging loved one.

This Caregiver website is different. Unlike other caregiver websites created by advertising agencies, investors and freelance writers, ours is real. My sister and I are real and it is our mission to making finding solutions and services easier by putting them in a centralized location to help make your life as a Caregiver better than the one we had. Welcome to

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