"There will be signs to let you know what to do!"

When is the right time to get serious about planning for your loved one's future care?    That is going to depend on where you are in life - not them! 


The responsibility is going to fall on you to make sure that you are preparing yourself for the role of their future Caregiver as you go through your own life events.    At every stage in life, there will be action items that you will want to address.   


The process is quite logical when you break it down.    For example, when you are graduating from college, this would the time to find out if your parents have a Will and where they keep it.   It would not be the time to be looking at Care Facilities with them.   


To help you identify when is the appropriate time to be taking certain actions, we've outlined several scenarios.     Even though everyone's life is different, the signs will be the same.    Everyone typically will fall within one of these four scenarios.    

Lets map out where you are on the Journey.  

Defining Moments

Now what do I do?   

Well, that all depend

  • Scenario "A"

  • Scenario "B"

  • Scenario "C"

  • Scenario "D"

  • Scenario "E"

You are here!

Scenario A

Your parents are still years away from retiring.   They still work and seem to be in relatively good health.   You graduated college a few years ago, at the early stages of your career, and moving into your own place. 

If this sounds like your situation, it seems as if the likely hood of becoming a Caregiver is probably way off in the future for you.  But it does not mean that you should procrastinate having the talk with your parents about their Long Term Care (LTC) plans.   For someone like you, this conversation is going to go pretty well.     It will give you a snap shot of what plans they have already made and it will give you some peace of mind too.   The only thing you would need to do is set a mental reminder to revisit this in a few years or if their health situation changes. 

For you, our Elderhood Plan Action Plan would be the right fit for you.   It will give you a broad understanding of what you'll need to be aware of and some light homework.    At this early stage, your parents may not have any LTC Plans but they acknowledge that its something they will get too soon.    Its never too early to get the key documents put in place:   POAs, a Will, Healthcare Directive, etc.    

Scenario B

Your loved one is within 10-15 (50s) years from retirement.    In your personal life, you may have a spouse or life partner now.   You are possibly starting a family of your own.     For you, now would be the time for you to have the "In-law Talk" with your spouse/life partner where you exchange the information you have about each others parents long-term care plans or lack-there-of.   

Your life partner's parents may be financially secure and the plan for them is to move into a Living Care Facility soon.   However, your parents may plan on staying in their home for as long as possible.   They are counting on you to be their Care Manager/Caregiver.    Is your life partner going to be ready to under take this role with you?

If this sounds like your situation, then you may need to step it up.     Hopefully by now, your parents have done some of their own prep work done and this is what you will need to find out - where do they keep their Key Documents, what is their LTC game plan, what do they plan to do with their home, etc.  If the answers are still unclear, then you will find yourself taking on a more active role in this process with them.   


For you, our Elderhood Plan Action Plan would be a good fit.   It will guides you through the process.   At this stage of the journey, do not procrastinate completing the homework.    For your and your life partner, its not too early for you to make some light preparations of your own, for example creating your key documents:  POAs, a Will, Healthcare directives, etc.   This is something couples should be doing regardless of their age!

Scenario C

Your loved one is in their late 60s, 70s or later.     Hopefully, you either have a copy of all of their key documents or you know where to find them.     In addition, you may already know what their LTC Plans are.      If you do not or if they have do not have them, it never too late to get things put in place even at this stage in their lives.     Your loved one may be able to live on their own and care for themselves fairly well.   Therefore, the assumption is your loved one is Aging In Place and you are already their Care Manager or Caregiver.

For you, becoming a Member of our website would be a good fit for you.    You never know when the status quo may change so its best to be prepared and aware for when it does.    Having access to information quickly or know how to find more help is going to enable you do perform your duties as the Care Manager or Caregiver with more confidence.    As a member of the website, you'll have access to all of our Action Plans, support resources and Forum.  Also, its never too late to meet with an Estate Planning Attorney who will help you button up any loose ends.

Scenario D

Your loved one fell in the shower and they will be are coming home from rehab in a few days.  By now, you would have already sought out your parents key documents or had copies of your own on hand.    If your parent does not already have them, the likelihood of being able to do this now is pretty slim while they are recovering.    However, once their health situation improves,  you may be able to use this scary time as a spring board into some productive conversations about an improved care plan.   Its never too late to get things put in place.   An Estate Planning attorney will be able to help with all of this. 


Moving on, we are assuming your loved one has their key documents in place and you are acting as their Care Manager now.  You are going to have to call in the troops because you are going to have your hands full and on a very tight time line.   


For you, our Home Coming Plan would be helpful.   It will map out your Action Items to help get you through the first 30 days.    If your loved one's recovery or situation goes on beyond that, then our Formula For Success Plan would be your next move.    In this plan, we show you how to create a custom care plan by mixing and matching products and services that best fit your needs and those of your loved one.     

No matter where you are in this process, we are going to be right here for you.   By becoming a member of our website or choosing one of our support plans, you will have access to information, tools, guides, solutions, referrals and so much more.      As always, seek help from Eldercare professionals.    Free consultations are available from most Estate Planning Attorneys.    There are organization that provide support to Caregivers.    Find the help you need on The Marketplace.​

Scenario E

You've been caring for your loved one for some time now ever since they returned home from rehab.  It is clear that your loved one's situation will not allow them to return to their old life and the same goes for you.   You are the Caregiver now.    You are at a turning point in your life, you need to take better control of this situation before it over takes you!   

For you, Formula For Success Plan would be your next move.    In this plan, we show you how to create a custom care plan by mixing and matching products and services that best fit your needs and those of your loved one.   


The better plan is becoming a Member of our website.  As a member, you will have an All Access to all of our Action Plans, information, tools, guides, solutions, referrals and so much more.     

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As a reminder, always ask for help!    Solutions and support from Eldercare professionals are ready to help you.  Find the help you need when you need it on The Marketplace.​      Also, it is never too late to have a FREE consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney.    The knowledge you'll gain will be worth it!    

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