Why post here?  When you make your "Help Needed post here - it will receive more visibility which will improve success in finding the right help the way you want it an need it.   There are other platforms out there, however this is the only choice that is 100% dedicated and specializes in helping adult children of aging parents.   

What are we?  Aging Parents Marketplace is a Matching platform.   We are not an employment service, agency nor do we provide private employer consulting services.    Families looking to hire private care services should understand and comply with to local, state and federal employment laws.   They will also be responsible for conducting their own due diligence - background checks, screens, reference checks, etc.   We do not make any expressed or implied guaranty or warranty of a match nor the qualifications of the match.   These are our Terms of Service and Disclaimer policies. 

Who are we?  Aging Parents Marketplace and Aging Parents Management are sister websites designed to address the challenges of adult children of aging parents.  Two sisters saw this as an opportunity transform their experiences, struggles and challenges into a unique platform where others who are just like them - will find information and options in order to be successful in this role of caring for aging parents.   Here is their story.     

What information we collect?   We will require details for the post as well as payment in advance to create it.  In addition, we require contact information and email address which will be used in the post.    For more about this process, click here.

What will you get?    Once your "help needed" post is made, we will do our part to get the word out.   When someone makes an inquiry about your post, we will forward to you in the form of an email their contact information along with any other items the respondent provides.    Once the introduction is made, you take it from here.     When you find the right person, email us to cancel your post.   Its that easy.

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Disclaimer:   The content on this website does not constitute legal advice.   A qualified attorney in your state should be consulted concerning any legal questions, issues or matters that you have.

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