The Journey

"I'm not ready for this Journey.

I thought my parents had a plan for this stage in their life."

Understanding "Elderhood" and the role of being a Caregiver.

We are - the daughters, sons, nieces/nephews, sons/daughters in-law and grand children who are or will be the caregivers of an aging parent or loved one.   My sister and I were just like you who found ourselves in this unfamiliar territory.   Most of the times, it happens happens very quickly and unexpectedly - with little to no training or preparation.    


We believe that it should not be this way!  My sister and I took this opportunity design this website to provide you with the tools, support, information and real solutions so you have it when you need it.  Everyone's journey will be different.   Every parent's situation is different.  Our design makes it easy and convenient for you to explore topics at your pace.   No matter where you are in this process, we will be here to help you while on the "Journey with your Aging Parents."   

Understand the impact of becoming a Caregiver will have on your life. 

The Formula for Success is knowing how to Mix & Match the right services, people,products and technologies. 

Are you assuming that your parents have put everything in place for their future.

Don't make the wrong assumption.

Get a better understanding of important documents.   Don't assume!

"It is all yours, Love Dad."

"I thought I would be fine with her Dad moving in with us"

"We are here to support you on this journey."

"What is Aging In Place?"

Listen to one of these Podcasts by Caregivers just like you.


Contact us and we will help get the word out by posting it on our Social Media, Newsletters and on our Events Page.   We do this for FREE!


Contact us and we will help get the word out by posting it on our Social Media for you for FREE.  

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