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We are here to help create a more positive Caregiver experience for you - the daughter, son, niece/nephew, son/daughter in-law and grandchildren of an Aging Parent or loved one.  

You do not have to feel lost in the process or struggle in role as the Caregiver of a loved one.   We are going to support you while on this journey by providing information, resources and tools 

- right here, right now!    

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Homecoming Plan,

Elderhood Planning, &

A Formula For Success


We were in your shoes.   Now we are offering you the support we wished we had while in this role as the Caregiver.

My parent is being discharged in a few days.

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I'm not ready to be the Caregiver of my parents.

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The MarketPlace

Caregivers do not have the time to hunt for information and most times we do not even know what we are looking for.  


Don't worry, we are here doing the work for you.

Solutions in the Spotlight

Designed by a Caregiver just like you.

Here's how the Shower Bay keeps both you and your loved one safe!



Meal Time

Choices in


What About Me?

We wish we were more aware of the challenges ahead of us on this Journey as Caregivers.

Money Issues

Life Scenarios

There is no such thing as status quo.

Estate Planning 101

Formula For Success

The success of a solution depends on your willingness to try as many as it takes to find the right one.

Improving the quality of life for family caregivers

Wearable Emergency Assistance, Medication reminders, Fall-detection, Discreet and Stylish. 

Elite Travel.JPG

Specializes in: multi-generational adventures & accessibility travel.


An APP that helps create shareable digital documents as well as a means to organize those end of life documents.  


Care consultant

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Consulting services during life's transitions.

expert advice

Experts in how to keep your aging parent safe, entertained, and prepared for the future?   

Care Logistics & senior Living


Free Consultation.

geriatric care management

Gary Kozick Eldercare Solutions, LLC
Helping families make informed decisions, conducts planning, coordinates, monitors care & more.  
Specializing in Alzheimer's disease and end-stage dementia care.
Serving Philadelphia Region and Surrounding areas.
gary kozick.JPG
bristol memory care.JPG

BristolHouse Memory Care is a "Small House" Alzheimer's and dementia living community.    When resort style living is the wrong size - we are the right fit for your loved one.  Located in Bucks County, PA.


Locally owned, trusted provider of quality, compassionate in-home care.  We customize our home care solutions to your unique situation for an affordable solution that keeps your loved one where they’re happiest: at home.

HighPoint Law Office

 Estate Planning practice  serving and supporting families, veterans, those with special needs, clients who are planning their estates for the future, and clients who are responding to an Elder Care crisis situation.

Product & Service Reviews 


We've designed our support network around real people and real experiences.   

No one understands Caregivers' challenges better than other Caregivers.   

My sister and I are real and so are our Forum Moderators, Event Hosts and Podcasters. 

Meditation Class





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Make connections with Caregivers who are just like you.
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Rachel is a 30-something millennial who has been caring for her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, since 2015.

Blogger, Podcast


The Working Daughter.JPG

Liz O’Donnell is the Working Daughter - a longtime marketing executive who turned her attention to helping working daughters balance eldercare and career.   

Author, Speaker, Podcast, Blogger



Susanne White is the Caregiver Warrior here to help you survive the Caregiving Journey with Grace and Empowerment.   

Author,  Speaker, Podcast, Blogger

The Healthy Care Giver Podcast.JPG

Happy Healthy Caregiver is here to help family caregivers who feel isolated and overwhelmed by all their responsibilities.  

Speaker, Podcast, Consultant



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