Aging Parents Academy

"Mapping the Elderhood Journey"

Become better prepared and aware of what lies ahead of you on this journey with your aging parent or loved one.

About the Program

The Aging Parents Academy is a self-guided program to help you become prepared for when your parents are no longer to manage and care for themselves.   This plan takes an easy and gentle approach to this complex process all from the comfort of your couch at your own speed.  

  • Learn what it means to have "The Talk" with your parents about their future care plans

  • Understand what you will need to make decisions on their behalf

  • Establish an organizational system so you will be ready when duty calls

  • Learn how to prepare for Aging In Place and find out if it will be even possible in their own home

  • Become aware of the importance of Estate or Financial planning - "It is not just for millionaires"

  • Meet amazing professional resources who genuinely want to help you and your loved one

Included with the Plan

  • Ten Step Process on Mapping the Elderhood Journey  

  • 30 Days Online Support - Chats (unlimited), Up to 10 Emails                                                          

  • Referrals to professional services   

  • Product and website recommendations.                     

  • Receive Invites to Webinars, Workshops & W'Expos! 

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group- Aging Parents Academy 

  • Make Connections with other Caregivers just like you!

  • Updates as new products and services are added to the Marketplace and any exclusive offers in our Monthly Newsletters.

  • 6-Month Access to Plan Content


  • Achieve a better understanding of the Caregiver role and its responsibilities

  • Feel less stressed knowing your parents have long-term care plans in place

  • Avoid future family/sibling squabbles

  • All of the research has already been done for you 

  • Be able make plans for your own life knowing what lies ahead in your future

  • Benefit from exploring difficult topics at a calmer pace - death, money, etc

  • Make better decisions based on information rather than myth or urban legends 

  • Less regrets in the future - "What we should have done."

  • Achieve peace of mind knowing you are ready for when the status-quo changes

  • On-going access to Fresh Content, information and resources