Most of us will find ourselves as Care Managers unexpectedly.   We are the daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, sons/daughters in-law who become responsible for the care of our aging parent(s) or loved one.   This happens to us one day when the situation changes with our loved one.    Our goal is to help you plan for the time when this occurs by offering these best practices to make the transition into this role a little smoother.     

  • Did you know that people who end up in the role as a Care Manager for a loved one take on this role without any training?

  • Did you know that Care Managers are part of the sandwich generation?

  • Did you know that 60% of Care Managers/Care givers die before the person they are caring for?

  • Did you know that 50% of Care Managers/Care givers end up in depression?

Remember,  the role of the Care Manager is vital in this process.   It is an on-going role so do not ignore the importance of taking care of yourself, also.    Who will care for your parent if something happens to you?



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You are not alone!

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  • GET SOME TRAINING AND ASK QUESTIONS- We usually find ourselves in this role unexpectedly.    It happens after a parent has an illness or injury that does not permit them to return home from the hospital or rehab facility.    Visit with the discharge team and ask questions.   Attend a physical therapy session with your parent.   This will be a key time to get as much information from these health care professionals about caring for your parent at home.  

  • HIRE HOME HELPER SERVICES SHORT TERM - When your parent is coming home, hire a Home Helper Service during the first few days or weeks to help you.    It will be overwhelming and you may not be prepared for it all - performing personal hygiene for your parent, incontinence, mobility issues, etc.   A Home Helper Service may also be helpful for when YOU need the help.  

  • GLOVES - Anytime you are handling bodily fluids; when emptying urine bottles, working around the commode, changing bed liners, clearing chemo ports, use gloves.   It is not being offensive to your loved one, it is just good hygiene.

  • DO NOT CLEAN IT, REPLACE IT - Items such as urinal bottles are difficult to sanitize.   They are an inexpensive item so you can stock up on them to dispose and dispose and replace it on a regular basis.   

  • MASKS - Use a mask around a sick person, ie.  flue, illness.   Your are caring for the sick person therefore you should protect yourself so you do not get sick too.

  • EAT/HYDRATION - Keep your body fueled and hydrated!

  • BACK SUPPORT - Protect your back when lifting or moving your parent.   By attending a training session, you will learn how to maneuver your parent safely.    Also, use equipment to help you, such as wheel chairs, chair lifts, etc.   Visit our MarketPlace to find products and services we endorse.   

  • ME TIME - Take a few minutes out of the day to reset your spirit.     Sometimes we feel that there is not anytime for it, but you should set aside time for it.     Your mental well-being is what helps keep you going.     By taking that mental break to read a book, talk a 5 minute walk, do yoga, meditate, or anything will make a difference in your day.
  • TAKE SELF-INVENTORY - Pay attention to your body.    If you do not feel well, consult with a physician. 
  • SEEK HELP - You are not alone in this process.    STAY CONNECTED with other Care Managers like you for support when you become a Member of our website.     Home Care Services are another great option for either long or short term help.    
  • BE REAL -  Assess your parents condition and situation honestly to determine if they need a different Level of Care.  Do not wait until the last minute to make a move.  Evaluate options so you are ready when you need to make any changes in their care. 
  • VISIT THE CARE GIVER ACTION NETWORK - CAN (the National Family Caregivers Association) is a non-profit organization providing education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers across the country free of charge.
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