Aging Parents Academy

"Mapping the Elderhood Journey"

Become better prepared and aware of what lies ahead of you on this journey with your aging parent or loved one.

About the Plan

The Aging Parents Academy is a self-guided program to help you become prepared for when your parents are no longer to manage and care for themselves.   Yes, your parents are going to get old.      Its an online process done from the comfort of your couch via our Members portal.    

  • Learn how to start "The Talk" with your parents about their long-term care plans

  • Understand what you will need to have in place to manage and make decisions on their behalf in the future

  • Create an organizational system so you will be ready to jump into action when duty calls

  • Find out about Aging In Place and how to prepare for it

  • Become aware of the importance of Estate Planning and Financial Planning

  • Have access to "real" the Caregiver experience!

What you get with this plan.

Ten Step Online Planning Process for you to do with your parents and siblings; if they wish to be part of this process.

  1. Having The Talk

  2. Accessing The Home

  3. Funding long-term care

  4. How to apply for the job as their caregiver?

  5. Key documents

  6. Making End-of-Life Decisions

  7. Getting Organized

  8. Putting Plans into Action

  9. Maintenance 

  10. Being Fluid About the Future

Included with the Plan

  • Ten Step Plan on Mapping the Elderhood Journey - Downloadables and Check Lists               

  • 30 Days Online Support - Chats (unlimited), Up to 10 Emails                                                          

  • Referral to professional services   

  • Access to Experts in the fields of:  Stress Management, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Senior Care Advocates, Patient Advocates, Caregiver Wellness Counselor, Grief Support, Geriatric Pharmacist, and more.

  • Product and website recommendations.                                                  

  • ​​6 month Membership to Exclusive Content that takes you on                                                        

A Deep Dive Into the Real Caregiver Experience                                                                                 

  • Be the first to receive Invites to Webinars, Workshops & W'Expos!                                            

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group- Aging Parents Academy 

  • Connections with other Caregivers just like you!

  • Be the first to receive updates as new products and services are added to the Marketplace and any exclusive offers in our Monthly Newsletters.

  • Bonus on selected purchases:                                                                                                                

Receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card if you make purchase from Shower Bay within one (1) year of starting this plan.   Gift card to be issued within 90 days of Shower Bay by Forward Day LLC confirming proof of purchase.

Plan Benefits

  • Better understanding of your future role and responsibilities as the Caregiver

  • Less stress knowing your parents have a long-term plans in place

  • Avoid having future family/sibling squabbles

  • Saves you time from doing all of this research yourself

  • Be able to better plan your own life knowing what lies ahead in your future

  • Benefit from exploring difficult topics at a calmer pace - death, money, etc

  • Make better decisions based on information rather than myth or urban legends 

  • Less regrets in the future - "What we should have done."

  • Achieve peace of mind knowing you are ready for when the status-quo changes

  • Know that will be here providing information along your Journey, even when you may not know what you are looking for.

Total Package Value

Total Package Value = 1 week of your Pay

You can certainly do your own research but will you have the time to do it?

Make better use of your time by jumping into the planning process today.



One Time Fee

6 Month Access to Membership Content

Extend Website Membership after 6 months at a discounted rate of

$5.00 per month until canceled.


*Refer A Friend:   When you refer a friend and they sign up for a plan, we will extend your Membership to our website for an additional 6 months (A $30.00 Value)

Refer A Friend!

It is our goal to help as many people as possible about becoming better prepared for this future responsibility. 

If you know someone who would benefit from working with us, we would greatly appreciate it if you share our information with us.    

We offer two referral programs to show our appreciation when you refer a friend to us to signs up for one of our plans:

  • You will receive a 6 Month Membership to our Website

  • Even if you do not purchase one of our plans, you may participate in this program.  Your friend contacts us and provides us with your name and your email.  We will contact you about your FREE Website Membership.  (A $60.00 Value)  They will need to provide us with your information at first contact with us. 

(Terms of the Program:   Offer may be withdrawn at anytime. )

Bonus Opportunity:

  • We are an affiliate marketer for the Shower Bay Portable Shower Unit.    When you refer a friend to us, and they make a purchase of the Shower Bay - you will receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card as a Thank you.

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Let's Chat

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