Why Should you Partner with Me?

Becoming Part of the Solution for Caregivers

Family Caregivers need network like this!

The biggest challenge for us was knowing where to find resources which supported us in this role.  


The second biggest challenge was even knowing what to google when looking for them!

I have created a platform to help current and future Caregivers in their role – through preparation, education, relationships and powerful resources.     Welcome to Aging Parents Management

Home of the

Aging Parents Academy 

Caregiver Boot Camp

Aging Parents MarketPlace

Benefits for your Business

Together We are becoming A

One-Stop-Shop Support Network for Caregivers

Showcase your expertise, your experience, your products and/or service so Caregivers will be able to easily find them.


We are way for you to get closer to us - the daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters-in-law, and grand-children who are the current and future Caregivers of an aging parent or loved one.   

Variety of Opportunities - Our platform offers Caregivers a variety of opportunities of connecting with support, resources and solutions that fits the way they like to receive information.       


People want to do business with people - through us, your business will have the opportunity to make a more powerful impression and stronger connection with potential clients.


There is a "realness" that is conveyed through our personal online presence which improves the frequency of engagement by Caregivers as they continue on their Journey. 

How we will bring you closer to potential Clients!

Membership Area – Members of the website receive access to content that takes them on a Deep Dive into REAL Caregiver Topic.    By being one of our partners, you will have exclusive exposure on the pages related to your area of expertise - a banner with link for click through to your website, a personal video about an important topic plus encouraging quotes.

Meet the Experts – Site visitor will connect with you in the Forum!    No need for Facebook Groups for you to have an opportunity to get closer to potential customers.


The Caregiver Channel – A place for Caregivers to access webinars and live stream events – not just the ones I host, but the ones my business partners are offering too.   As a bonus for my business partners, this will be a space for you to offer a  2-3 minute video infomercial about your product or service.

The Marketplace – The Marketplace is going to showcase all of the many amazing businesses and products  to the visitors of the website – it exposes them to things they never even knew about or could ever find on their own by googling it.

These are just a few of our strategies!

What value do you put on what we are creating?  

How we do Business: 

Our business model is very simple.   We want to make Caregiver support convenient and affordable; however, we will need your help in order to accomplish this.    

FEE Transparency - We are open and upfront about who we are and what we do.    Our mission is simple.   To create a platform that gives the daughters, the sons, the daughter/sons -in-law, the nieces and nephews, the grand-children who are finding themselves in the role of the Caregiver the support we wish we had. 


Marketing Opportunities -  Become Discoverable!  Increase the exposure of your business to Caregivers who may not even know your services exist.   Our pricing strategy is simple.  We want to be a fair and an affordable option for businesses who are looking for alternative ways of connecting their business with potential clients.   We are open to creating marketing agreements that are mutually beneficial to both our business partners and for us.  


Event PromotionWe offer complimentary posts on our Events calendar about your upcoming event and will cross post it on our Social Media Outlets.     

Lets Chat about Working together

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