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Defining the Challenges

I'm not sure that I am prepared to be my parents Caregiver

Defining the Challenges

"I'm not ready for this Journey with my Aging Parents.   I am hoping they have a plan for 

this stage in their life."

Achieve better Understanding of the challenges so that you are better able to navigate the

 Journey with an Aging Parent or Loved one.  

Take a Deeper Dive Into the challenges and learn about strategies to get you through them.

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Anastasia, Aging Parents Management

The Journey with our Mom and Dad is going to be different than the one you'll have with your parents.   However, what is the same are our needs as Caregivers - information, resources and someone to guide us.

That feeling of not knowing what you are looking for is normal for Caregivers.    There weren't any prep classes for this in college nor was any of this mentioned throughout our childhood.    

The problem isn't your situation or your parents.   The issue lies within the eldercare industry.   Most of the information is targeted at the senior demographic or the aging baby boomer population.   


Here's a reality check.   They might have been saving and planning for retirement but it is us as their adult children who are putting those plans into motion.