Preparing Caregivers for their Journey with an Aging Parent or loved one.

My sister and I are just like the visitors to our website.   We've been through the challenges of being Caregivers for our aging parents, in-laws and an elderly uncle.  

We wished that there would have been a place for us to turn when we needed help.    We wished we knew about your product or service but we never used the right keywords to find it.   This is why we decided to turn our experiences into an opportunity to help new and future caregivers so they will not have to go through this process lost and alone like we did - AgingParentsMarketplace is here for you right here- right now!

Being a Caregiver is a journey.   Imagine Aging Parents Marketplace is like an airport routing travelers 24/7 to and from different places, and keeping them informed and comfortable.    This is the experience we are trying to create for #TheCaregiver.   By participating on our Marketplace, you will become an important connection for Caregivers while they are on their journey with their aging parent or loved one. 

Benefits for your Business:

Showcase your expertise, your experience, your products and/or service right here-right now so we will be able to find you.   

Caregivers do not have the time to hunt for information, nor do we even know what we are looking for; we only know that we need help.      For your business, we are a way for you to connect with us - the daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters-in-law, and grand-children who are the current and future Caregivers of an aging parent or loved one.   

Unique Opportunities:

Aren't there other Caregiver Website?    Yes, but ours is different.    We are real.   Our experiences are real.      


Our platform offers Caregivers a variety of opportunities to connect with support, resources and solutions that fit their unique challenges.     We are able to make a more powerful impression and stronger connection with our clients than other websites.  Our personal approach creates a level of "intimacy" that is felt throughout it plus the relevance and freshness of the content is why visitors keep coming back!     


Becoming Part of the Formula for Success:

We believe that by Empowering Caregivers with support, resources and solutions will create the opportunity for a more positive experience.     When you partner with AgingParentsMarketplace, you become part of their Formula for Success.​

  • When you list your business on our MarketPlace, you will be found by Caregivers both new and current ones who are seeking solutions to address their unique challenges - "Your business will not be found when the Caregiver does not know even what to google."  

  • We believe that by Empowering the Caregiver through knowledge, support and information will improve their overall well-being- "From the darkness comes the light"

  • Through us, your business or service will be able to make a unique personal connection with potential new customers. - "We've never seen any anyone take this approach in designing a website like this." 

  • We are committed to making this difficult stage easier for everyone - "It should not have to be this way."

  • Our Powerful Platform provides a wide variety of ways for Caregivers to receive support in a way that fits their situation. - "Wish we had this level of support while we were in this role."


How we do Business: 

Our business model is very simple.   We charge nominal fees only to cover our operating costs.    We believe in the power of the and we'd like to grow it into an amazing platform together with you.   Click on the topic to see more information.

  • FEE Transparency - We are open and upfront about who we are and what we do.    Our mission is simple.   To create a platform that gives the daughters, the sons, the daughter/sons -in-law, the nieces and nephews, the grand-children who are finding themselves in the role of the Caregiver the support we wish we had. 

  • Marketing Opportunities & Pricing -   Grow the exposure of your business.   Get found by being listed on The Marketplace - Open 24/7.    Connect with Caregivers who would benefit from what you do.      Do we charge Fees?   Yes, we try to be fair as we find the perfect balance between what businesses are willing to pay for what we do with the expenses of managing this website.

  • Event Promotion & Pricing Event Promotion Services: FREE  Announcements - We offer complimentary posts on our Social Media about your upcoming event.    Complimentary posts will be made by Aging Parents MarketPlace which will include your Business Name, Date and location of the Event and any details.    Your event will be mentioned in our Newsletter.  

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