Support your employees by rethinking how you define Caregiving.    You may have someone on your staff who is working Full-time while caring for a loved one at Home.    Is your Human Resources Department prepared to support these individuals?

Would your employer like to know more about becoming mindful of Employee-Caregiver Challenges?   


Welcome to the LifeWorkx CareWise™ Journey

LifeWorkx Is The Only CareWise™ Platform Available For Employers and Employee-Caregivers To Address The Workplace Challenges Confronting Them Right Now. It Provides The Information and Understanding Needed For Real Workplace CareWise™ Action.

My employer would like to learn more about programs such as this.   

Please reach out to my Employer's Human Resources department?   


 A Practical Guide for Employers offered by

Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH)

Your employer may need support in supporting you as an Employee-Caregiver.

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