Employee-Caregiver Education

Whether you are a Business on Wall Street or Main Street, you have valuable employees who are caring for someone at home.
How are you planning on supporting them?  

Once upon a time, our career was the priority.   Our personal lives took a back seat to projects deadlines and team meetings.  We enjoyed going to work not just for the money, but for the comradery, too.    Well, it seems like those times have changed.  Now, we are a Caregiver and those priorities have had to change.  

Today, Caregivers are facing a difficult challenge of balancing dual priorities - maintaining a full-time job in the workforce which seems to be getting in the way of us doing our real job which is caring for a loved one at home.    

This issue is not one sided.   Let's examine this from the employer's perspective. 


They have a valuable employee with major job responsibilities.    They've invested in their professional advancement, certifications and on-going training which costs them hundreds if not thousands of dollars; now come to find this employee is now no longer as productive.  Their attendance is becoming an issue.  They are constantly making personal calls.    This once top performer is violating just about every HR Policy.    

Today, employers are also facing the difficult challenge of balancing dual priorities - attempting to keep valuable employees and addressing the many human resource issues.    

Some would argue that this is no different than the challenges associated with families having and raising young children.   


It is different and here is the problem - existing company benefits, company human resource policies and our country's social infrastructure do not support the needs of the growing Employee-Caregiver workforce who are caring for an AGED loved one at home.

Defining Moments

"We are hiring. It seems like we are always hiring anymore. One of the top applicants took me off guard in the interview. He said his wife has ALS and he needs some flexibility in his work to manage her care.


He showed me the CareWise Solutions website and asked if our organization implemented any of the strategies.


I had to say not yet, but we need better strategies for workforce management and some better alternative benefits.


So, I had a look. We are implementing some CareWise Solutions, and yes, I hired him. He’s overseeing much of the process."

M. Walsh, Business Owner

What Can Employers Do?

The idea that life can get in the way of work is nothing new for employers.  Many companies have sought to be responsive to employee's family obligations by creating generous maternity and paternal leave policies, and by redefining how sick days can be used.

However, caring intermittently or on a long-term basis for aging or ill relatives is often viewed differently.   Family caregiving does not have a fixed timeline like maternity or paternal leave, it can last for years.    Another issue with "caregiving" is the component of uncertainty.   


The need for caregiving can arise at any moment without warning a result of a loved one's sudden hospitalization.    There is no way a Caregiver could comply to the requirements of existing human resource policies which require advance notice for any time off.

Employers have the unique opportunity to make changes in order to support their employees who are in a caregiving role in a way that allows them to manage their care-related obligations and remain an engaged loyal productive employee.  

Meet CareWise Solutions

"CareWise™ Solutions is the only organization dedicated to addressing these workplace and employment challenges."

CareWise Overview .jpg

We help employers and employee-caregivers meet the challenges of working and taking care of family matters.   With training, access to the right agency resources, expert advice and supportive employment environment, we will share success.


Because employee-caregivers’ “dual role” employment responsibilities impact across the organization, as well as into their family lives, the range of actions is equally diverse.   For organizations, CareWise™ Solutions provides resources, learning and support programs, and a range of services that address organizational strategy, policy, culture, HR and management practices, employment processes and benefits and employee support in various forms. 


Organizations that take real action to understand the challenges and apply solutions, in some or all of these areas, are considered by CareWise™ Solutions to be CareWise™.

Supporting Working Caregivers

Anastasia, Aging Parents Management

I remember meeting with my supervisor over lunch after informing them of my Mom having cancer.   They approached me first about modifying my work schedule so that I could accompany her on doctor's appointments and chemo treatment.

So what is going to be the next step for the working Caregiver?   There will be a little more homework on your part.   Visit Caregiver 101 to review the different options and policies that you are employer may or may not already have in place.

This will also be an opportune time to check out the information available on CareWise.com and share it with your employer or human resources department.


Carewise offers multi layer programs for businesses to implement.      There are training programs for team leaders, provides employers with an overview of HR policies to implement, addresses how to change a company culture and more.   


Share this information with your HR department about this amazing resource.

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