The GMA System

"GMA System offers the most comprehensive and holistic HIPAA compliant caregiving and health coordination tool on the market"

The GMA System enables individuals with disabilities and the aging to live independently through assistive technology and remote monitoring. The system is an FDA, Med II Medical Device. ISO-13485, carries the CE Mark and all data is encrypted.

Why Assistive Technology and Remote Monitoring?

  • Allows for faster response times to client's needs

  • Addresses caregiver shortages

  • Facilitates a more person-centered approach

  • Assists individuals to meet goals and milestones

  • Improves client/family/caregiver/staff communications

  • Decreases caregiver error, turnover and burnout

  • Decreases drive time and staff inefficiencies

  • Better care to rural communities

Manage Care From Anywhere!

The Caregiver Portal can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connectivity. Our system is completely customizable and designed specifically for each person's unique needs.


Gray Matters Alliance will set up all the rules and alerts for each individual's needs that alert staff and caregivers immediately if something is amiss. The system is fluid and can grow with the individual. 


All updates are done seamlessly behind the scenes. No computer skills needed for individuals to engage with the system. Gray Matters Alliance provides training and ongoing support.

Other Benefits and Features

How Can The GMA System Help Individuals?​

  • Remote, real-time video assessments

  • Home safety monitoring/fall alerts

  • Medication management/Reminders

  • Virtual vitals easily upload to the system

  • Calendar events and scheduling

  • Task lists for home, school or work

  • Remote assist for daily living skills

  • Improve socialization and communication

  • Achieve milestones and goals 

  • Customization based on ISPs

  • Tutorials/How-To's

  • Cognitive behavioral training

  • Easily and safely receive messages, videos and pictures

  • Built-in games, websites and music

  • And much more...

How Can The GMA System Help Staff and Caregivers?


  • Instant alerts if vital signs are out of range

  • Document and store HIPAA sensitive data

  • Upload documentation such as ISP's, annual assessments, incidence reports, care plans etc.

  • EVV compliant

  • Decrease caregiver error with general training videos along with client specific videos

  • Various views (charts, graph etc) for vitals readouts

  • Decrease unneeded drive time with real time visual assessments

  • Remote assist clients' daily routines and ADLs

  • Staff changes, clock in/out functions, care planning and notes

  • Family can leave and receive notes on the system

  • Ability to schedule events, reminders and tasks remotely

  • Daily assessments to check on various needs such as mood, eating habits, energy etc.

  • Medication Management Compliance

  • Printable/exportable reports available

  • Easy to use wizard

  • Ongoing support and training for current and any new hires

  • And much more...

Helping Caregivers Make this Purchase

Anastasia, Aging Parents Management

I saw how this system could be a great tool for Caregivers; especially those who are caring-from-a-far that I became a Marketer of the GMA System.   Contact me for more information and an exclusive $50.00 Amazon Gift Card after making your purchase.

There are so many more benefits of this system that the best way to show all about it is through a Webinar or In Person Demo.

Contact me today via the contact form below to chat about scheduling a demo or to make a purchase of a GMA System.   


Bonus Offer to our clients only.  Receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card after you complete the purchase,  receive delivery and set up of a GMA system.

In the comments, please let me know the best way to connect with you - email, phone, zoom.

Purchase Information:   Aging Parents Management is a marketer of Gray Matters Alliance.    The purchase of the system will be transacted directly by Gray Alliance Matters LLC.   


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