I have created a support network that my sister and I wished we had while caring for our aging parents. 


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Helping You Become Prepared and Aware for the Journey with an Aging Parent or Loved one. 

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At Aging Parents Management, we are here  to help you start the journey with your Aging Parent or loved one and support you while on it.   

What do we do?   

We answer those questions you have about caring for a aging parent today or one day in the future-

How do I start the process, What should I be aware of and 

 Where will I find information and support.  

All of this is waiting right here- right now;  making it easier for you to find solutions, information, resources and answers; even when you don't know what you are looking for!

My sister and I were just like you - adult children of two aging parents who felt lost, alone, unsupported and clueless the entire time.  


We believe it should not be this way so took this as an opportunity to transform our experiences into a Platform which helps to Educate, Inform, Connect and Support adult children of Aging Parents.  

Everyone's journeys will be different; however, our needs are the same -

Knowing what to do, Being aware of what lies ahead, Having a better understanding about this role and Knowing where to go to find support and answers along the way. 

Let's Get Prepared to Care!

Anastasia-Caregiver, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Career Professional, Friend -President and Founder.

Now you will be more prepared and aware for your role as your parent's Caregiver and have the support while doing it .   

Our Services

Aging Parents Management is filling a gap within the Eldercare industry.  There is a lack of information and support for Adult Children of Aging Parents who are being tasked with the responsibilities of managing the care of their aging parent.    
We are providing a Family Caregiver Support Platform that raises awareness about this future role for us all, prepares us for it and supports us while doing it.   
Imagine knowing what lies ahead you when you have a parent who is aging.  Imagine feeling more prepared when there are plans in place.  Imagine knowing how to create the best aging-in-place environment for them.   Imagine having resources and a support network at your fingertips to help you through everyday challenges.   Imagine not feeling like you are doing this all on your own.
You don't have to imagine any of this anymore.    
Let's Get PREPared to Care and here is how we do it.
We offer several support programs specifically designed to help you.  Through the Aging Parents Academy and  the Caregiver Bootcamp,  we raise awareness of what you should be planning for two major points in time.   On the Caregiver Marketplace, we are connecting you with amazing resources who are ready to help with challenges Caregivers encounter while in this unfamiliar role.   Plus our Caregiver Dashboard takes you on a deep dive into the real Caregiver Experience.
Everyone's journey with their aging parent or loved one will be different.   What is most important for us as Caregivers and Future Care Managers is being aware of, prepared for what lies ahead AND having resources, information, and support in a place so we can find it.  

Aging Parents Academy

Mapping the Elderhood Journey.   How to start the process?



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Anastasia, Aging Parents Management

Caregiver, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Aunt, Career Professional, Founder

My sister and I felt so alone and unprepared to be our parent's Caregiver, but you don't have to.    We have transformed our experiences into a Caregiving Support Platform that we wished we had.   

You are no longer alone!

Become a Member of the most powerful Caregiver Network.   No FEEs with all the benefits!


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