Ignorance Is Not Bliss - Preparedness Is!

There are many misnomers leading us to believe that "force" exist which are going to magically appear when the time comes to "care" of our aging parents. The "Eldercare" industry is misleading us with concepts of "home care" or A Special Residence for Mom.

We have all bought into the concept of retirement and have made it our focus. We rely on IRA or investment bank statements but what are those statements really telling us? Are they saying that "here lies Mr. Smiths long-term care plan" or are they only saying "here is the money to help you pay for things for him in the future"?

We are assuming from all of the "stuff" we are seeing today about "Eldercare" that this industry is preparing to "care" for our aging parents. No, what the Eldercare industry is doing is creating the infrastructure for it- meaning they are building the brick and mortar places for mom, the hospitals, etc. Let me put this in another way, they are building the roads for the "journey" and your parent's retirement will help pay for it once they get there, however, someone has to be the chauffeur - and that is going to be you.

We are being led to believe that things are going to happen automatically one day. But what I am telling you, all of this requires work in order to prepare for it. There needs to be a plan. There needs to be someone who will be responsible for the many things involved with caring for your parent and all of the major decision making.

Here is another example, the concept of finding the perfect living residence for your parent. Through the power of great advertising, we are being led to believe that this process is going to be as easy as a five minute phone call and "tah-dah" - you are going to be able hand off Mom to someone else? This may be what you may want, but is it want your parents want?

We are here to help you better see what lies ahead

Another fallacy is the concept of a "long-term care insurance policy". Again, you are being misled. This is not like car insurance -you have a fender bender and make one call to your insurance agent and they take care of it all for you. Long-Term Care Insurance does not work this way. Yes, It does pay for "care", but unlike with the car insurance scenarios, there isn't an agent who is going to do all of the work for you. With Long-term care, someone will have to take on the responsibility of managing all of your parents "care" and it will be you.

We know what you are thinking. My parents have it all planned out. My parents will move into an Assisted Living Facility. Really? Are you sure about this?

The eldercare industry and aging experts got it wrong! They predicted an Aging Demographic that does not exist. They predicted that aging baby boomers will want to move into "resort style" care facilities. They assumed that they are going to be able to afford it.

Here is what they got wrong. Did you know that it costs $10K to $15K per month for someone else to "care" for your parent. Do you even know if your parents could even afford "A Place For Them"? Unfortunately most parents don't have the funding for this and this isn't where they see themselves aging.

Your parents don't want to be placed in living care facilities. 90% of individuals say they would rather age-in- place and this is now where the problem lies. There are not enough resources available for this. Check out this recent article. https://www.statnews.com/2019/04/09/home-health-aides-low-wages/

I'm sorry to say but the managing of your parents' future care lies within your future. Ignorance is not bliss, being prepared is! Wouldn't you like to really know what is going to be expected of you? Wouldn't it be nice to be aware of what should be expected of the "Eldercare" industry?

This is what Aging Parents Management is here to do. We are here to help you become better prepared for this stage of your parent life and to support you while you are managing it.

We have started the The Aging Parents Academy - a self-guided program to help you become prepared for when your parents are no longer to manage and care for themselves. This plan takes an easy and gentle approach to this complex process all from the comfort of your couch at your own speed.

  • Learn what it means to have "The Talk" with your parents about their future care plans

  • Understand what you will need to make decisions on their behalf

  • Establish an organizational system so you will be ready when duty calls

  • Learn how to prepare for Aging In Place and find out if it will be even possible in their own home

  • Become aware of the importance of Estate or Financial planning - "It is not just for millionaires"

  • Meet amazing professional resources who genuinely want to help you and your loved one

Here is where you can learn more about this program: https://www.agingparentsmanagement.com/aging-parents-academy

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