Don't Play Pharmacy

Don't play pharmacy with medications your parent is no longer consuming - DISPOSE OF THEM. Our goal is to bring you information to help you while in this role of caring for an aging parent or loved one. One of the biggest challenges is medication management so setting up some good habits is key. Lets focus on disposal! You'll notice that over time, your parents medication changes. Their doctor will modify their regiment and then you are left drugs that are no longer being consumed. Get rid of them safely and responsibly by using one of these methods: take them back to the local pharmacy, take them to the local police station's drug drop off box, or visit this link to find a location near you.

This would also be the proper way of disposing of a loved ones medications when they pass away. When our mother passed away, we were not sure of what to do with all of her medication. Yes - all of this may seem very obvious NOW, but when you are overwhelmed with so many things happening around you - obvious becomes oblivious.


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The success of a solution depends on your willingness to try as many as it takes to find the right one.

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We wish we were more aware of the challenges ahead of us on this Journey as Caregivers.

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