Getting past the front Desk with the help of my Guest Myra Katz (Podcast Show Notes)

Hello, I am Anastasia - Founder and Designer of Aging Parents Management - with my help and the help of the amazing resources you will find here on our Caregiver Network, we are helping you become better prepared and aware for the Journey with your Aging Parent or Love one and supporting you while on it.

Today, I have a the pleasure of having Myra Katz, PA-C, BCPA, Patient Advocate as my guest today. As a Patient Advocate, Myra helps us navigate the challenges of our complex healthcare system. Most importantly, while she is advocating on your behalf, she also teach you how to be your best advocate!

In my last podcast, one of the topics that came up was dealing with the stress of sitting on hold with your doctor's office. I invited Myra Katz, Patient Advocate to share with us her professional advice as someone in the healthcare industry ways of getting past the front desk more effectively.

Let me set the stage for this podcast. Imagine calling the doctor's office and you first encounter the message of prompts, then you get put on hold for a few more minutes until the office finally answers. By now you are annoyed and stressed out. The person on the other end is having a rough day too after speaking with so many people with issues.

According to Myra, you have the ability to change the tone of that call and here are some of the ways to go about it:

  • Know your schedule

  • Remain calm

  • Come to the call with goals

  • Set expectations

Hopefully you will take the time to listen in on this Podcast. Myra offers very valuable advice to help make this challenging task of calling your doctor's office less stressful. She also provides insight into what is happening on the other end of the phone. Myra points our that in order to improve the outcome of a doctor's office call we have to take a step back and be sensitive to the person on the other end of the phone. Sometimes kindness is your best advocate!

Myra is someone my sister and I wished we knew when we were managing our mother's care. We are just not prepared for this and time was not on our side so having someone like Myra to help during the initial crisis and then educate us in the process is such a valuable gift. Read more about how she helps Caregivers overcome their challenges here:

Aging Parents Management has a motto "rely on resources." Don't feel that you have to go through a situation on your own. Myra Katz is certainly someone to rely on.

Here is where you can listen to this Podcast.

Most importantly, here is how you can connect with Myra Katz, Patient Advocate and learn more about her Patient Advocate Support Services.

Myra Katz

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