Planting the Seeds of Relief with my special Guest Debra Myers (Podcast Show Notes)

Hello, I am Anastasia - Founder and Designer of Aging Parents Management - with my help and the help of the amazing resources you will find here on our Caregiver Network, we are helping you become better prepared and aware for the Journey with your Aging Parent or Love one and supporting you while on it.

Today, I have a the pleasure of having Debra Myers of Unwrapping Stress as my guest today. Debra is certified in Stress Management and Internal Yoga. She hosts Stress Management Workshops for local corporations and offers her own Stress Management program called Unwrapping Stress.

  • We validate the feelings we have as caregivers.

  • We talk about the panic we feel when we find out that Mom and Dad

are moving in with us.

  • Debra takes us through a Breathing Exercise we can add to our day to help us move pass some of those stressful moments.

This podcast requires listener participation so I invite you to please dial it up so you can learn how to add a 5 minute breathing practice to Plant the Seeds of Relief throughout your day.

Here is where you can listen to this Podcast.

Most importantly, here is how you can connect with Debra Myers and learn more about how she helps Caregivers through her Stress Management and Consulting Programs.

Debra also is part of the Wellset Network. You can set up a session with her by following this link:

Debra is someone my sister and I wished we had known about her while on our journey, we hope that you will make her a part of yours. Read more about it here:

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