Portable Shower Unit Review

No Remodel, No Sponge Baths, Keep Loved Ones Home-Affordable Solution!

Shower Bay by Forward Day is a safe and portable shower that was designed for both your loved one and the Caregiver. It provides a true shower experience without the dangerous wet-enviornment or expensive home renovations.

Avoid affecting the resale value of your or your parents home by installing an ADA Shower in it. My sister and brother-in-law were three days away from a $25K first floor bath renovation to put in an ADA Shower for Dad. We had no choice since Dad could no longer go to up the stairs anymore to shower. This renovation of their study and foyer would have ruined their main floor living area- but we felt we had no other choice.

Fortunately, three days before the contractor was going to start, I found this amazing product - the Shower Bay Unit after spending hours searching for other options. It was almost too good to be true and so easy. I contacted them for a quote. Russ, from Shower Bay called me to go over some pre-sale questions. Shower Bay understands what we go through as Caregivers. They will go above and beyond to make sure that this is the right fit for you. I gave them a credit card and within a few days the shower unit arrived. It was so easy to set up in Dad's suite. My brother-in-law did it in less than 30 minutes. It snapped together, hooked up the hoses in the near by powder room and then Dad was ready for a test ride.

Shower Bay was the right solution!

Dad no longer avoided of showering

My sister and her husband avoided a home renovation.

My sister and I avoided spending $25K of Dad's Savings

Small footprint so it fit nicely in Dad's Living Suite.

It turned out to be a great temporary solution - Dad passed away unexpectedly nine months after making this purchase.​

My sister and I (Dad and his Care Aide, too) had such a positive experience with Shower Bay which is why we are endorsing it. We were so thankful for finding this product. Just image had we spent the $25K for that home remodel and then to have Dad pass away only a few months later.

$50.00 Off Coupon - Exclusive Offer from Us

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Wheel chair sold separately.

SAFE - Ramp allows for safe and smooth access to shower. Provides easy Roll-in access with wheelchair eliminates dangerous transfers in wet environment protects caregiver from physical injury while assisting the user. KEEP LOVED ONES AT HOME - Enjoy a true shower experience. Continue care for a loved one in the comfort of their own home. Maintain privacy and dignity behind shower walls. Save thousands of dollars on assisted living costs.

NO COSTLY REMODEL - Shower Bay can be assembled in any room of the home

Can be assembled quickly without any tools or need for a contractor or plumber. Water hose extends 35 feet in length for easy access to nearest sink location. Water in-hose easily snaps onto existing sink faucet. Place out-hose in sink otub basin for drainage. Hoses can be coiled up for storage when not in use. Ramp detaches to create smaller footprint (45" x 44") between shower uses


WALK-IN SHOWER OPTION - For use with shower chair

Low threshold allows for easy access. Safely and comfortably remain seated while showering This shower is meant to be used with a shower wheel chair. There are no grab bars but some use it with just a regular shower chair.


The Shower Bay Unit was designed to snap together easily in less than an hour. It will arrive in several large lightweight boxes that will have to be unpacked and then moved into place in the home.


Aging Parents Management highly suggests you use a recommended shower wheelchair which is NOT included with the purchase of the Shower Bay Unit.

$50 OFF Coupon Available

We want you to have the same positive experience with this product as we did. You will be purchasing this item directly from Shower Bay who will help make sure that this shower is the right fit for your parent or loved one. Contact us today for a coupon to take $50 Off your purchase. Note: This product is also posted on Amazon for $3600. But when you purchase with us, your price is $3400- when you apply coupon code at the time of purchase.

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