Being A Caregiver - Uncharted Territory

Uncharted territory

Why are we struggling with elder care? Believe it or not this is a relatively new concept and way of life for our generation. Years ago, it was normal for three generations to be living under one roof. My husband and brother-in-law grew up this way with their grandparents living with them.

So why does it seem that our parents are not well prepared for their golden years? We grew up believing that there will be a retirement plan and funding for the care of our parents. But this is not the case thanks to the 2007-2008 market crash and a poor economy over the past ten years.

Also, our priorities, as women, have turned towards getting our masters degrees and furthering our careers. We are starting our own businesses. Our children are now older and we are ready to get back into the workforce fulltime. Then all of a sudden that call comes in from Mom or Dad - their health situation has taken a turn for the worse.

Who is going to step up and take care of them? You are!

So here we are as a society finding ourselves in unchartered territory. We are torn between caring for our aging parents and individuals who have our own life goals and priorities. What do we do?

The other issue out there is confusion caused by The Elder Care industry. It has made certain assumptions about the wants and needs of our aging population which is there are so many independent living communities popping up.

What they failed to recognize this isn't the wishes this demographic. Their wish is to remain in their homes for as long as possible. No one saw this coming. The industry just assumed the senior demographic is attracted to and could afford to live in resort-like retirement communities.

Just because "if you build it they will come". Not true. The senior demographic isn't interested in any of this.

But here are the two major issues which are compounding the problems;
No one told us that it was going to be our job to manage the "Care" for our parents when they got old, and
Now that we are here in this role, how do we do this?

By the way, who are "WE"? We are the daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters in-law and even grandchildren who are finding ourselves with this responsibility. Welcome everyone to the era of the NEW Caregiver.

With all of these challenges NEW Caregivers are facing, they are going to need a support network to help support them through it and that is what we are here to do!

The goal of Aging Parents Management is to raise awareness of these challenges and to offer information and resources to us while on this journey with our aging parents ALL-IN-ONE PLACE so it can be found when we need it. .

My sister and I have faced many challenges while on our journey with our Dad, In-laws, and an

Uncle living in another state. We could have used a website like this to help us through all of this.

So we created a Caregiver Support Network that brings together amazing resources, tools, information and professional support services that offer a variety of solutions to help overcome your unique day-to-day challenges while caring for a parent or loved one. .

We have re-imagined support services for those of us in the Family Caregiver role. Imagine feeling more comfortable. Imagine knowing how to create the best aging-in-place environment for your aging parent. Imagine having resources and a support network at your fingertips to help you through everyday challenges. Imagine knowing that you are prepared to care. Imagine not feeling like you are the only one doing it all on your own.

Everyone's journey with their aging parent or loved one will be different. What is most important for us as Caregivers is having access to resources, information, support, some guidance and a plan in order to better navigate around those unique challenges along the way.

Now you will become more prepared to be your parent's Caregiver and have the support while doing it. I have created a support network that my sister and I wished we had while caring for our own parents.

Anastasia - Caregiver, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Aunt, Career Professional, Founder of Aging Parents Management.