"I had to work, but I worried about leaving Dad alone.    When I'd call him at lunch and he would not answer, I would panic.  Then I decided to install webcams in my home which allowed me to look in on my dad throughout the day; but this left me with a guilty feeling."

Technology and Elder Care planning are two topics that do not seem like they go together- but they do.    Technology can plan a big part in this process in many ways - most importantly it takes the edge off dealing with some of these difficult tasks.    The goal of Aging Parents Management is to offer resources, tools and information to help those of us responsible for caring for an aging parent.     Many of us in this role have to work and some of us are doing this from across the miles.    However, with the help from technology, it offers solutions to overcome challenges faced with - Aging In Place, Getting Around, Getting Organized,  Meal Time and more.   Moreover, technology may be the solution to give you that peace of mind to go to work, run errands, go shopping, etc.   

There are so many products out there.    We found this article from helpful which outlines technology devices designed for the elderly.  

HELPFUL SERVICES, GADGETS DEVICES AND APPS:  To find link for the products and services listed here, please visit Technology Resources.

(Source:  Coming Of Age, by Dan Tynan;, March 2018 issue.)


  • WEBCAMS - A low cost way to be able to check in on your parents is through wireless web cameras.   They are easy to install and simple to use.    We use BlinkXT.  They come with an App that can be downloaded onto your phone.     Webcams provide a way for you to look in on your parents when they do not answer the phone.   It saves you from having to leave from work or from an appointment in a panic.    Putting cameras in strategic locations within the home will help keep costs down.   For example, a camera pointed in the kitchen, a sitting chair, the hall and bedroom lets you see the path your parent uses in their normal routine.  Now you will be able to see that they have safely navigated to the next room.  ​

Did you know that with with technology comes controversy and guilt?  Is this an invasion of privacy?  Should I tell them that the cameras are in the home?  The last thing we want to do is to deceive our parents but their safety comes first.     We had these mixed feelings too.  

  • GRANDPAD - The Grandpad is a tablet created specifically for seniors.   This 8-inch tablet features large, clearly labeled icons for video and voice calls, photos, email, music, games, news, weather and search.   Only people on the approved contacts list can send messages—meaning no worries about strangers or scammers bothering your folks.     

  • UNALIWEAR KANEGA WATCH - Is a stylish smartwatch which is entirely voice-driven.  The Kanega can remind seniors to take their medications, guide them back home if they become lost on a walk and contact emergency services if they fall.    Unlike most smartwatches from companies like Apple and Samsung, the Kanega doesn’t require a smartphone.     

  • GREATCALL JITTERBUG SMART- This is a senior-friendly Android smartphone.   It has a simple home screen, with large fonts and icons that make it easier to call, text, take pictures and play games.   It comes with optional health and safety services turn the phone into a lifeline.   The 5Star app lets seniors tap a single button to talk to a highly trained live operator, who can determine if they need emergency assistance.   Urgent Care connects them to medical pros 24/7, and MedCoach reminds them to take their medications. 

  • GREATCALL LIVELY MOBILE -  This is a one-button call device.   It connects to health and safety services without a smartphone.   Designed to be worn on a lanyard around the neck or clipped to a belt, the Lively Mobile features a single button that instantly connects to a highly trained live operator.   The built-in accelerometer measures motion so it can detect if its wearer falls and call an operator automatically; an internal GPS provides the location in case emergency responders need to be summoned. 

APPS:  APPS have become part of our daily lives.   Now we can look to them for assistance with coordinating care for an aging parent.    They will help with finding caretakers, arrange ride and more.


  • ENVOY -  If you’re not local (or available) enough to shop for mom or chauffeur her to the hairdresser, you can hire a personal “envoy.”   Envoy employs highly vetted human helpers—according to the company, less than 5% of those who apply make the cut. You can book the same person each time or choose from a local roster whenever you need someone.    This is a regional service with more cities being added.

  • CARELINX - The site matches elders with caregivers who live in their area. Start by filling out a questionnaire listing the kind of care they’ll need and how often, then select from a list of candidates. You can hire directly through the site or speak with a CareLinx representative to make your choice and arrange payment. Available nationwide.   The fees for caregivers typically range from $11 to $25 an hour.

  • CARELY -  Carely is a FEE app that makes it easy for you to coordinate schedules with people in your care-circle.   You’ve got an important work meeting, your sister has to pick up her kids from school and Lord knows what your brother-in-law is up to—but somebody has to get dad to the doc.   Carely will help you manage these moving parts stress-free.

  • GOGO GRANDPARENT - GoGo offers a toll-free number that lets seniors hail an Uber or Lyft without the app—they just dial and follow the voice prompts to tell the car where to pick them up.   GoGo will send you text updates about ride requests, pickups and arrivals.   Available wherever Uber or Lyft is accessible.    The service adds 19 cents per minute to the base price of the ride. 


APPS are able to help with the Estate Planning process too.   Today, there are so many online solutions and apps that make it easy, convenient and affordable to help with this process.    Some of these services offer an opportunity to speak with an Attorney for an additional FEE.    Sometimes using this type of legal service helps to minimize the family stress involved in this process because you are able to do it from the comfort of your livingroom.  



  • FREEWILLWhy is FreeWill free?  FreeWill is made possible by the support of many nonprofit organizations.  Many of the users choose to leave a portion of their estate to charity.   


  • EVERPLANS APP - For an annual fee of $75 per year, Everplans creates a secure and shareable digital document archive as well as the means to organize all of your end of life documents.   The site even helps compose a just-in-case letter for your survivors with info about bank accounts, insurance, passwords and so on. 

  • LEGAL ZOOM - A online legal services that offers help with creating legal documents.  Here you will find a wide variety of al-la-carte services.

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